With this app, you can download podcasts to listen to them on the Apple Watch regardless of the player you use

Apple Watch
When we exercise we are usually listening to music on the Apple Watch, but many users would prefer to listen to their favorite podcasts for example.

Currently, this is not something simple, nor the official app of Apple or third parties have the option to download and listen to episodes on the Apple Watch without the phone. With MiniCast however it is possible, regardless of what is your podcast app on the Apple Watch.

At the time, the Overcast app, one of the most popular in the sector, included the possibility of downloading the episodes on the Apple Watch to listen to them without needing to have the phone nearby. But due to the problems that it entailed and the malfunction, Marco Arment (the developer) decided to eliminate the function.

There are other methods that include manually downloading the audios and sending them to the watch, but they are too cumbersome.

From the Share menu to your Apple Watch

MiniCast, however, seeks to make it simple, it is a new app a bit different. And it is that unlike the others, it is not a podcast player. Its main functionality is to send to Apple Watch the episodes that we want to download, both Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts and Castro. If you use one of these four apps you can do it.

And how are episodes sent to the Apple Watch? Very easy:

  • Activate the MiniCast extension in the iOS Share menu.
  • You choose the episode you are interested in downloading in your podcast app.
  • You click the Share button and choose ‘Send Podcast to Watch’.
  • You confirm the action to send to the Apple Watch.
  • You open the MiniCast app on your Apple Watch.
  • Download the available episode and play it.

This is all you have to do to play podcasts on the Apple Watch without having the iPhone nearby and offline. The process is really simple, and it helps a lot that we do not have to change the podcast player for it.

Of course, you will have to have the patience to download the episodes, since they are slow downloads, like most downloads on the Apple Watch.

MiniCast can be downloaded for free from the App Store, however, you can only download an episode to try the application. From there, you’ll have to spend 4.49 euros on an in-app purchase to download all the episodes you want.

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If you are someone who prefers to listen to podcasts rather than music while exercising or working without the iPhone nearby, the truth is that yes, because the method is at the same time simple, effective.