Undoubtedly the best conference PRE-E3 2017 is from the point of view of the rhythm and the line-up presented.

After a series of rumors, Ubisoft officially confirmed that during the E3 2017 will be about the expected Assassin's Creed

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed is absolutely one in every of the most important IPs within the gaming industry.

Rainbow Six Siege: Lootbox, new menus and more in the second year

In the week ahead of the start of the second year of stands on Rainbow Six Siege.

FATHER AND SON, the first game published by a archeology museum

Father and Son will be released for free on iOS and Google Play, but other platforms are considered.

Ubisoft confirms Steep, Just Dance and Rayman Legends for Nintendo Switch

The publisher has announced that Just Dance 2017, Rayman Legends and Steep will all be coming to Nintendo’s new console.

Assassin's Creed III

Since June this year, Ubisoft has decided to offer fans one free game every month and December brings Assassin's Creed ...