Xperia X Concept program Users will receive Android 7.1.2 this week

Just two weeks ago Google launched Android 7.1.2 Nougat for the Pixel and Nexus devices that are still in the support period and, as a rule, during the following weeks, little by little, other manufacturers would release it with their personalization layers.

Xperia X Concept
In the case of some companies, they take advantage of the users’ willingness to launch them in beta through a program.

Sony is one of the examples of this, as it has a program for users of a Xperia X called Xperia X Concept. This time, the Japanese manufacturer is the first to launch a beta of Android 7.1.2 Nougat so that users enrolled in that program can test the performance of the features of the system.

The Xperia X Concept program ensures that registered users can try out newer versions of Android in the form of beta, and this week will be receiving Android 7.1.2

However, users included within the Xperia X Concept receive a purer version of Android, with significantly less customization than regular users. As a reminder, this update enhances Bluetooth connectivity and includes quite a few bug fixes.

However, gestures with the fingerprint sensor are not yet available.

Those people who are registered in the Xperia X Concept will receive sometime this week Android 7.1.2 to test the performance of its features.

If you need to know more, on the Sony website you will have the necessary information and the download link of the app with which you can join the program.