Amazon warns Xbox Series X pre-orders could be late

Xbox Series X

Since last week, Amazon began to send some notices informing customers who had reserved the PS5 about the possibility that their order did not arrive on the same day of launch, and now, these messages have also begun to reach all those who are pre-ordering the Xbox Series X.

As you can read in the message shared by those affected on Twitter, the company apologizes in advance for possible delays. ” We are communicating with you about your order to inform you in advance that you may not receive this item on the day its launch due to high demand. A situation that, as explained, is mainly due to the high expectation of shipments to be made.

And it is that both consoles managed to exhaust their stock with just a few hours of availability, which added to the already expected expectation of new Xbox Series X units available before their launch date, and the very proximity to the festivities, could certainly lead to a small collapse for shipping platforms.

Situations that we have already experienced during some of the last special sale events, with clear examples such as Black Friday.

So this still uncertain future adds to a season of wretched next-generation pre-ordering, which has not only focused on the new consoles, but also on Nvidia’s new RTX 3000 graphics cards.

That said, if at the time you did not make it to the first batch of reservations and you are still interested in getting one of the new Xbox Series X, you always have the present option of opting for the Xbox Series S, still available in many stores.

Similarly, we recommend that you keep an eye on the official Xbox accounts and this website, where we will also echo any change in availability.