Xbox app brings game streaming to iOS bypassing the xCloud veto

xbox game pass

Partly silenced by the enormous media coverage of the war between Epic and Apple, during the last month we have seen how the Cupertino company closed the doors of the App Store to streaming services of games such as xCloud or Stadia, perhaps in favor to launch its own streaming platform related to Apple Arcade.

However, the strong pressure finally reached an “in-between” point with the revision of some guidelines of the digital store, opening the possibility that both companies finally introduce their applications.

That said, it appears that Microsoft itself has found another way for its fans to play its titles and other non-iOS games on any iPhone or iPad, with the latest beta version of its Xbox app.

This just-released app for both Android and iOS includes an important key feature, enabling remote play and allowing users to play any Xbox One-compatible title on their mobile devices.

However, unlike xCloud, this capability comes with an important requirement: having an Xbox console that we own .

Instead of streaming from the cloud with Microsoft’s adapted machines and access to the extensive Xbox Game Pass catalog, we will be exclusively streaming the games we already own from our console. And it is basically a specialized version of remote desktop access, optimized in this case for gaming.

In fact, one of the most attractive qualities of this new Xbox application is that it will allow us to connect directly to our application even through mobile data (pending to see in what conditions of stability), so, in theory, it could not only enable us the possibility of broadcasting and playing when we are away from home, but also access to other interesting functions such as installing or buying games remotely directly on our console.

So while it is not a payment service or a store itself, it remains to be seen whether or not the latter functionality will conflict with the tight policies of the App Store.

And it is that previously we could see other similar cases such as that of Valve and its Steam Link application, for which they finally had to deactivate certain functions that allowed users to buy Steam games from their iPhones.