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MGCOOL Band 2 is a robust, low-power, SPI, 3-axis accelerometer with integrated FIFO buffer that features a wide range of embedded functionality

Today, MGCOOL releases the introduction video of MGCOOL Band 2 Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband.

Moreover, MGCOOL Band 2 supports taking pictures and video, music control, notification of an incoming call, message, and WhatsApp, etc.

MGCOOL joint Gearbest launched large-scale buying activities to support the global consumer support.

The current sources suggest the MGCOOL Explorer 2 would take a great leap forward compared with the first generation both on the design configuration.

MCCOOL will launch large-scale promotional activities on Banggood, all users have a chance to buy MGCOOL Band 2 at $9.99 on Banggood

MGCOOL Outdoor Sports Products Flash Sale will include MGCOOL action camera series, MGCOOL Thunder, MGCOOL Whisper, MGCOOL Smart wristband.

As we know, MGCOOL is Elephone's newly-established sub-brand covering intelligent wearables, mobile electronics.

Black Friday is going on and MGCOOL has announced its offers and discounts for its smart band and action cameras series on Gearbest.

Black Friday sale event is coming quickly on Gearbest, MGCOOL will give 21% discount for their fitness tracker--- MGCOOL Band 2.