Portégé X30 and Tecra X40: Toshiba’s new premium notebooks with Kaby Lake

As particularly slim and easy, Toshiba is launching the new Portégé X30 and Tecra X40 premium notebooks, which are aimed primarily at the target group of business customers.


The shock-resistant magnesium housing with contrasting hinges is designed to offer robustness and a sophisticated look.

Slim and light top model in the 13.3-inch class The Portégé X30 is presented as a sister model of the high-end hybrid Portégé X20W-D presented by Toshiba in January with similar genes and also shows various equilibrium features in optics.

A chassis in the color “Onyx blue” and the gold-colored hinges for example. As a notebook of the 13.3-inch class, the Portégé X30 weighs just under 1 kg due to the use of magnesium as a material for the case.

The height is estimated by Toshiba to 15.4 millimeters, which according to the manufacturer is 11 percent lower than with the current spearhead in the squad, the Portégé Z20t-C. The weight has been reduced by 13 percent.

Toshiba Portégé X30 and Tecra X40

Tecra X40 is placed higher with 14-inch display, A-class

Just like the smaller Portégé X30 hardware of the 14-inch notebook Tecra X40 is installed in a housing made of magnesium whose properties are classified as particularly robust and lightweight. With a height of 16.9 millimeters, the Tecra X40 should bring 1.25 kg on the scales.

Depending on the equipment and configuration, this value can vary but usually also. For other features, such as the components and equipment with interfaces, however, there seems to be a tie, with both releases.


USB 3.1 via Type C port with Thunderbolt 3

Additional technical data Toshiba holds sometimes still covered. It is known so far is that all configurations of the Portégé X30 and the larger sister model Tecra X40 are equipped with an anti-glare Full HD display and offer a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels.

Optionally both notebooks can also be ordered with a touch display. When driving act Core-i processors of the seventh generation (Kaby Lake), cooperating with DDR4 RAM.

How Kaby Lake models Toshiba Portégé at X30 and X40 Tecra exactly sets, is currently unknown exactly how the possible range of models with different configurations with memory. As storage media are to be used PCIe SSDs.

As interfaces Portégé, X30 and Tecra X40 are equally ever a USB 3.1 port on Type-C connector offer and also support Thunderbolt.

3 Furthermore, a USB 3.0 port and an HDMI output along with microSD card reader are standard for both notebooks. As it has become almost customary for premium notebooks, Portégé and Tecra X30 X40 come with a backlit keyboard.

Fingerprint sensor, IR camera, optional Thunderbolt 3 Dock

While Toshiba by highlighting key business customers security features of the Portégé X30 and the Tecra X40 is not shy – which include an in touchpad integrated fingerprint sensor (SecurePad) and face recognition by IR camera for Windows Hello – which manufacturer makes little details to the hardware components.

Neither the display technology nor the anticipated configurations with SSD and RAM are previously known officially. A offered by Toshiba as an accessory Thunderbolt 3-Dock, which provides for identical Portégé X20W-D on the type-C jack other interfaces ready to, enhance the connectivity of both new premium notebooks.

Availability and Price

The Portégé X30 and X40 are Tecra including preinstalled Windows 10 Pro reach retail in the second quarter 2017, according to Toshiba. The pricing is not yet known at this time.