Lenovo ThinkBook: eight new models for every taste

Lenovo ThinkBook: eight new models for every taste

While all manufacturers tend to update their catalogs on a regular basis, the update of the Lenovo ThinkBook family that we have experienced today is undoubtedly a full-blown renovation. And it is that there are no less than eight new laptops presented today by Lenovo and that they are scheduled to arrive on the market at the beginning of next 2021.

In order to accommodate all needs, Lenovo ThinkBook has 13, 14 and 15-inch notebooks in multiple configurations, with Intel and AMD processors. Among them, we find evolutions of previous Lenovo models, both from the conventional laptop line and from its ultra-flexible Lenovo Yoga.

Among them there are devices compatible with various technologies, so that any professional can find what they need in this renewed catalog.

Although soon we will spend more time analyzing the new components of the Lenovo ThinkBook family, today we are going to give a first review of all the novelties presented today. These are the eight new devices.

Lenovo ThinkBook 15 Gen 2 Intel

Surely, when observing it, you will have been struck by what stands out on its right side, and that is that the Lenovo ThinkBook 15 Gen 2 offers you the possibility of integrating wireless headphones, a really practical possibility in these times when video conferencing it is more present than ever.

The Lenovo ThinkBook 15 Gen 2 family will be available with up to 11th generation Intel processors up to Core i7 and with up to 40GB of 3200MHz DDR4 memory. In the graphics section, it will be possible to opt for an Intel Iris X and NVIDIA GeForce MX450 graphics adapter. If we talk about storage, we will find models that can reach up to 2 terabytes, with configurations only SSD and SSD + HDD.

A very interesting function is the service key, a key with which it is possible to connect directly with Lenovo technical support. In addition, all the information on the device, such as its serial number, will be transferred automatically to make any consultation with the support service even easier and faster.

The Lenovo ThinkBook 15 Gen 2 family will go on sale early next year, starting at 799 euros.

Lenovo ThinkBook 13s Gen 2 i

Among the highlights of this new generation of Lenovo, it is worth mentioning that it has been tested, adjusted, and verified to meet all the requirements set by Intel Evo, a seal that guarantees that the device meets certain hardware and performance specifications that will be translated in excellent user experience for all kinds of tasks.

Its Thunderbolt 4 connection, the possibility of opting for fourth generation PCIe storage and a battery that can provide up to 12 hours of life, added to its 13-inch QHD screen with an innovative 16:10 aspect ratio, translate into a choice extremely portable that, however, will offer all the necessary performance in a multitude of scenarios.

The Lenovo ThinkBook 13 Gen 2 family will go on sale early next year, starting at 899 euros

Lenovo ThinkBook 14s Yoga

Equipped with 11th-generation Intel Core i7 processors, the most flexible member of the Lenovo ThinkBook family features the Smart Pen, a pointing device that enables the device to be brought out of standby mode and automatically activated the notes app. This, in many mobility work environments, makes it much more comfortable to perform many tasks.

With its up to 40 gigabytes of RAM memory and configurations with up to two terabytes of storage in dual-mode, it offers a range of up to 8.6 hours in a device that starts at just 1.5 kilos in weight. Thus, the combination of weight, performance, and variable form factor, makes it a highly recommended option for jobs where mobility is a key factor.

The Lenovo ThinkBook 14s Yoga family will go on sale early next year, starting at 1,199 euros

Other Lenovo ThinkBook models

Additionally, Lenovo has also introduced five other new members of the Lenovo ThinkBook family:

  • Lenovo ThinkBook 15p i: in this case, we are talking about a laptop focused on performance and with some technical aspects that make it a very interesting option for professionals related to the world of imaging. These include its NVIDIA GTX 1650Ti graphics and an X-Rite Pantone certified screen. It will go on sale in early 2021 and its price will start at € 1,399.
  • Lenovo ThinkBook 15 AMD – Laptop powered by AMD Ryzen 4000 Series mobile processors. Available early next year, starting at € 749.
  • Lenovo ThinkBook 14 Gen 2 – 14-inch laptop in multiple configurations, with Intel or AMD processors. It will be available at the beginning of next year and its price will start at 899 euros.
  • Lenovo ThinkBook 14s Gen 2: thin and light design laptop with a 14-inch screen and configurations with Intel and AMD microphones. It will only be available in certain markets.
  • Lenovo ThinkBook 13s Gen 2 AMD – Lightweight laptop with a 13-inch screen and AMD Ryzen 4000 Series mobile processor. It will be available early next year, starting at 849 euros.

Without a doubt, it is a huge renovation, with eight new laptops that, in turn, offer multiple configurations of processor, memory, storage, graphics adapters … Personally, it seems to be a pretty smart bet, even more so if we take into account that in the current circumstances mobility is going to be key. Soon we will talk to you, in more detail, about the most notable novelties of the Lenovo ThinkBook family.