This is the Xbox Scorpio, the plan with which Microsoft will create the most powerful console ever made

Microsoft tackles something that many players expected and will do so without leaving behind its most loyal users. At the end of this year, the Xbox brand will for the first time make an inter-generational jump with a system that has been presented as The most powerful console ever created, and we already know the reasons behind that phrase. But why now?

Xbox Scorpio

The eighth generation of consoles took a serious technical stumbling almost at the start and is that the evolution of the current games took less than expected to touch its technological ceiling. That led to a race – again between Microsoft and Sony – that sometimes revolved around 4K which (with few exceptions) were rescaled and others in a stable performance.

With Project Scorpio, Microsoft is out of the wheel and will bet on both in an ambitious and unprecedented deployment, and despite the director of architecture at Sony to the contrary, Phil Spencer and his team ensure that their 6 Teraflops of power and Your 8-core CPU will lead to an authentic 4K gaming experience. It’s time to put into practice what looks so good on paper.

The Technical Capability of Xbox Scorpio

As Microsoft promised, through in- depth analysis since Digital Foundry has delved into what the highest Xbox card will offer, and that means we will not have to wait for the machine to be announced officially to know there is Housing. Input architecture, a number of cores and cache are maintained, but the frequency is not precisely the same.

Xbox Scorpio is not a subtle update of the current models of XBox One. It is a much more advanced model and in line with what is expected of a console of the current generation that will be absolutely compatible with all previous software and Which will set the UWP.

A heritage of luxury and little eye, that no one here is left behind

However, we can not forget that the greatest asset of any system are its games, and in that the Xbox Scorpio takes the lion’s share, inheriting all the current catalog of Xbox One games, more than 400 Xbox 360 games that They are retro-compatible and adding all the games and progress of titles associated with Xbox Play Anywhere in case it is our first Xbox.

So why take out an Xbox Scorpio? The answer lies in the words of Mike Ybarra, vice president of the Xbox brand and the game division of Microsoft. It can be said that the project is focused on the experience towards the user, but that is only achieved by giving the developers a field.

The team again looked at the developers and the relationship we have with them. The Xbox 360 was the best platform of all for the developers. With Xbox One we lost that advantage within two years because we wondered how to get the attention of the developers.

We want the best games to run on our Xbox and will have at your disposal the necessary tools. There are development kits, and some resources like that to reclaim the predilection of the developers. That was one of our top priorities when it comes to making this product.

But where is the difference?

Digital Foundry itself has narrowed the improvements into five quite different aspects.

Smoother performance

The games will benefit from a substantial improvement in the Xbox Scorpio, although we have to keep in mind that we will not see miracles: if a game is blocked at 30fps will not reach 60fps in any console – although technically possible. Now, the scenarios and games that felt the most in Microsoft’s desserts will receive an improvement that will be noticed.

But, as we can see in its processor, Microsoft from this moment the game in 4K comes to the desktop of Microsoft and it is in the hands of developers to make them get the most out of the new system, although it never hurts to remember the Need to have a tv in 4K to enjoy the experience.

The highest possible resolution in dynamic games

Dynamic resolution games (such as ‘Doom’, ‘Halo 5’, ‘Gears of War 4’, ‘Battlefield 1’, ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ or ‘The Division’ ) will receive the highest resolution they can offer. That does not mean that the previous games will reach the native 4K thanks to the extra power of the console, but games like ‘The Witcher III’ reaching 900p on Xbox One will now be enjoyable in an always grateful 1080p

A palpable improvement in texture filtering

As stated in Digital Foundry, the resolution is an important aspect, but without adequate textures, some of the magic is lost and in PS4 and Xbox One these have pale compared to the multisystem that arrive at PC, where all its anisotropic filtration 16x makes a big difference.

The Xbox Scorpio will not only narrow the differences between consoles and PC in the titles already available but also extend this advantage even the backward compatible Xbox 360 games.

More and better resources for recording options

Microsoft recently provided the options for recording the Xbox interface and that will suit your new system, with the ability to capture video and images at practically the same resolutions that we will see on the screen and without that our game affects.

Much shorter charging times

A higher CPU speed in clock time has benefits that will be felt when resuming our game or begin a new mission to which we must add the increase of 8 GB of RAM over the 5GB of Xbox One. How much will affect to the games? You can check it in the Digital Foundry video.