Rocket League does not get rid of the review bombing: its move to the Epic Games Store did not like

roket league

Last night we learned that Epic Games had acquired the studio Psyonix, the creators of Rocket League. This was going to assume that the acclaimed game that mixes cars with football was going to make the jump to the Epic Games Store at the end of the year, leaving in the air the doubt of what will happen with the version that already exists on Steam.

In the end, what we already imagined is happening and users have flocked to the Valve store to show their discontent, starting a massive review bombing and one of the most exaggerated we have seen so far, despite that those who received, for example, Metro: Exodus or the Borderlands saga did not fall short either.

Rocket League receives very positive reviews almost daily, but in the last hours, more than a thousand criticisms have been published. Naturally, these are not aimed at the quality of the game, but Epic Games and Psyonix for the agreement they have reached.

As they say, an image is worth a thousand words, so you only have to see how the opinion graph has been since the announcement of this acquisition.

When this happened with Borderlands, Valve decided to remedy it by enabling a system that detected if a game was subjected to a review bombing in the case of unusual activity. If so, the criticisms are eliminated from the calculation of score reviews, so that future buyer can see opinions that do have to do with the title in question.

It remains to be seen if the Rocket League will follow the same steps as the saga of Gearbox Software, but seeing the results it is normal to think that it ends up being like that.