Foxconn employees do not want to work on non-Apple products

Apple always stood out because of working conditions at the supplier Foxconn in the criticism. Apparently, however, Apple provides better conditions than other Foxconn partners, Foxconn employees rather work on non-Apple products.


DigiTimes reports that Foxconn is recruiting numerous people in these days – a total of 12,000 university graduates and 6,000 school graduates are expected to start their work at Foxconn in the future.

Engineers are also expected to be involved in production in order to get to know this part of the business before working in higher positions.

Notable is one of the reasons why Foxconn currently needs a lot of new employees: the production of the iPhone 7 currently runs much slower than a few months ago, which is at least partly seasonal and therefore no special feature.

However, Foxconn seems to have difficulties in getting employees to work on products from other manufacturers rather than iPhone. Many employees apparently leave the company rather than change accordingly within Foxconn.

One reason for this is the fact that Apple is using comparatively decent working conditions for the Foxconn employees who work with Apple products.

Since many other Foxconn customers do not comply with strict requirements, the conditions for the work on their products are apparently also less satisfactory.

Apple criticized some years ago because of bad working conditions at Foxconn, which even led to suicides. Since then Apple regularly publishes a report on working conditions at suppliers and how these have improved due to Apple’s initiative.

The criticism holds nevertheless, however, certainly also by these reports quieter.