Apple overtakes ASUS and becomes the fourth laptop vendor in the world, according to TrendForce

More signs of a good performance of Apple appear in the computer market, which recently has stopped decreasing to show a very discreet increase.

A study by TrendForce gives MacBooks a 10.4% global market share, making it the fourth largest seller of these computers.

That makes Apple outperform Asus and its 9.8% market share. We are talking only about laptops and not desktop computers, and that market has grown by 2.1% over last year. The first position is HP, with a 24.4% share.

More new laptops this year

Keep in mind that the calculations are taken roughly, calculating the total sales figures divided by the average sales price of an Apple laptop.

This is done because Apple never breaks down its sales by models: we know how many Macs have been sold but not how many of those Macs are iMac, MacBook, Mac mini or iMac Pro.

According to rumors, Apple plans to renew its laptops with new ARM coprocessors that will be responsible for certain tasks to lighten the Intel processors.

In addition, the arrival of a cheaper 13-inch MacBook could further boost the sales of these laptops.