Google Assistant

The new Fitbit Versa will bet on OLED and Alexa

The new Fitbit Versa will bet on OLED and Alexa and will be the closest in design to the Apple ...

Wear OS, Google's new system for wearables?

Google seems conscious and the new brand and image that Wear OS would offer should be the beginning for the ...


We knew that Bixby was not going to come up with voice features for their release date, but they were ...

google allo

Google Duo, we will be in the Google Allo chat window and in the contact information, the accesses to make ...

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is here to get you started, although for the time being it's hard to learn languages and ...

Google Allo

Integrated with Google Assistant, Allo allows the use of voice commands to get useful information even during conversations

Google Assistant

Google Assistant will be available not only on the specifically made Google Home and the pixel. But also on televisions ...

Google Home

Google Home, of which Google Assistant is the megaphone, seems to spread rumors and false information from the Web.

Google Assistant

With the smartphones Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Google Assistant also came in, which should make Siri and Alexa competition.

Google Assistant

After months of exclusivity, the Google Assistant also reaches smartphones whose names are not composed of "Google" and "pixels".